The Team


Curtis Waterman-I have been fishing all my life, I landed my first fish (a flounder) from the Siesta Park jetty in Busselton when I was 3 years of age, and quite honestly since that day I have been hooked on fishing! I have been lucky to have a father who has helped and guided me along the way and we have been fortunate to fish many fantastic spots along the WA coast. I enjoy all types of fishing from chasing the wily black bream in the Blackwood, Swan or Murray Rivers to battling big sambos or Yellow Tail kings out the back of Rotto. However without doubt what I enjoy most is shallow water demersal jigging of the Metro coast or the Mid-West coast.

Lleyton Palmer-Hey guys my name is Lleyton Palmer and i have been fishing ever since i remember, whenever we went away or were near water i was either fishing or insharimagek-bay the water. My most memorable fishing experience to date was bottom bashing in Denham SharkBay for species such as Black Snapper, Pink Snapper and Bluespot Tuskfish. When the bite went quite and we were about to leave i threw on all the bait that was left (squid, school mack and a whiting head) and the second it hit the bottom i knew i was on big. 20 minutes later and after seeing the bottom of my Rarenium 2500 spool twice a 140cm Spanish Mackeral hit the deck!! My favourite type of fishing is lure fishing as you have to work harder for your fish and its a clean easy way to fish that doesn’t take a lot of prep or time cutting bait.


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Shae Armstrong- I started fishing when I was six years old after recieving my first ever fishing rod for my sixth birthday, I was immediately chasing bread and butter species at the local beaches and rock walls around metro Perth. I started kayak fishing when I was 12 years old and since then have grown to love kayak fishing and have fished many river and estuarine systems on artificial lures catching Bream , Flathead , Whiting , Mulloway, Tailor and Blue Manna Crabs on my Hobie Outback. I also enjoy surface fishing for pelagics and dropping big plastics for demersals.

Brodie Copeland- I love fishing for big pelagics and tough hard fighting fish. I spend every moment I canIMG_20150704_215907 fishing and absolutely love it. Every fishing trip for me is a new adventure. One of my favourite forms of fishing is targeting big sharks land based.My best tips for other fishos is too not be afraid to try new things, and to realise that fishing isn’t always about catching something and too find out when it is the best time to fish the place you want to go fishing.







Harry Waite- Hi I am Harry Waite, I live in Kalbarri WA, I am 13 years old and have been fishing for as long as I can remember. Like most kids I was introduced to fishing by my Dad Davo. One of my favourite memories is when I won the state and national record for a 9.3kg mulloway on 3kg line. My favourite type of fishing is light tackle sport fishing using 2,3 4 and 6 kg line classes.




 Robbie Leck- My name is Robbie Leck and I’ve had a passion for fishing and the ocean for as long as I can remember. Being lucky enough to be based in a Kalbarri I’ve had the opportunity to target great Northern and Southern species on and off shore using a variety of techniques and to learn a couple of things about catching them in the process. Through the NextGEN site and Facebook page I hope to be able to share my experiences and latest fishing trips with the next generation of anglers. See ya on the water


I first caught the fishing bug at 10 years of age when I landed my first Australian salmon and since that day have I never looked back. Coming from a family that does very little fishing, I have learnt largely off other fisherman, most of whom are now my best mates. My favourite form of fishing is casting big poppers and stickbaits for yellow tail kings and sambos. There’s nothing like seeing a hungry YTK launch completely out of the water after your lure! I do however enjoy I nice relaxing afternoon catching squid off the local jetties image1in town. When I was 14 years old I saved and bought a tinny which over the years I have pimped out and is now the ultimate offshore weapon (for a 16 year old)!  The waters from Hopetoun to the Great Australian Bight are what I call my playground, although on school holidays you’ll often find me fishing in and around Albany and Denmark. Some people would say I’m a bit crazy about fishing (which is partly true), but to put it in the simplest words possible… I’m addicted!

Max Sampson- My name is Max Sampson and I’m a complete fishing maniac.I’ve grown up around the imagewater since an extremely young age and have been hooked on fishing ever since. I spend most of my time in Perth and Dunsborough which is where I do a large majority of my fishing, except for the occasional trip up North. I’m addicted to all kinds of fishing from trout on fly gear to jigging big Samson Fish and everything in-between. I could go on for hours about my best fishing tips but I’ll narrow it to just four, firstly you need to fish with a target species in mind, once you have chosen that species research how and where to catch them. Second, put in the hours of fishing as good things come to those who wait. Match the hatch, by this I mean use a bait or lure that looks like the food in the area. Finally, learn from others! Seek advice from experienced anglers on your target species. By doing this your catches should get better and bigger.

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Lachlan Carter-I started fishing at the age of 3 with my Dad around the Swan River and local water targeting species like whiting,bream,tailor, flathead and snapper. I had a small Blue Tongue rod and reel which was the first outfit I ever owned. My most memorable fishing experience was when I landed my first 10 plus kilo pink snapper out the back of Garden Island. The fight was unreal and something that I could never have imagined and will never forget.







Hey guys my name is Jake Maciaszek and I am very passionate about everything to do with fishing. It all began on the Blackwood River in Augusta where I caught my first good fish, a 39cm black bream from my kayak. Ever since then I have been hooked on fishing and everything to do with the water! For years I used to sneak away at in the morning down to the river to explore the local bream population, More often than not I came back before my parents even knew I was gone. My most memorable fishing moment to date would have to be when I landed my first big snapper drifting with soft plastics off Perth. It wasn’t long before I was hooked up to a 94cm pink snapper on a 5 inch paddle prawn. This was an amazing fight on light gear that kick started my addiction for fishing-my first big fish! If I was asked what my favourite type of fishing was I would struggle to answer because I love it all! From demersal jigging to chasing inshore snapper or surface fishing for Australian salmon-I love it all. However if there was one type of fishing I had to choose it would be hard to go past jigging for kings down south The power of these little rockets is amazing! If there is one tip I could offer anyone to improve their catch it would have to be to find the fish, Don’t give up and keep searching. You will see better results!


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Michael Parker – Fishing is simply my life! Born in broome I was introduced to fishing at an incredibly young age. Now living in Perth I spend most of my time fishing around the Swan and Canning as well as the regular trip down south fishing for anything from pelagics and large sharks to redfin and trout.  The list just goes on.  My favourite type of fishing would have to be wading the banks of the river in the early hours of the morning flicking surface lures for big bream. There’s just something extremely special about watching a big blue lipper come up and slurp down a lure off the top!

Saying that, I enjoy the challenges and accomplishments of all types of fishing.  And through this awesome sport, have been fortunate enough to have met some great mates.