Social Competition: Team NextGen!

Social competitions are a great thing in fishing. They get people together to do what we all love, have a laugh, meet new people and learn a lot all without the pressure or stigma of a proper competition. They are open to all ages and ability levels. IMG_1447

The admin team of the Facebook group WA Tinny, Kayak and Shore Anglers have been organising social comps for a while now but yesterday was the first time the NextGen Team had a solid presence. A couple of the boys had fished these comps before and enjoyed them a lot and yesterday Lachlan Carter, Max Sampson, Michael Parker and myself, Curtis Waterman, all fished. Parko and I fished in my boat and Max and Lachlan fished in Max’s.

The location was set at the Moore river, one known for its great numbers of bream however certainly not known for great sizes of bream. I think between the four of us we proved this theory very true. Parko and I fished mainly down river towards the mouth in deeper water with heavier soft plastics. We landed over 70 fish between us however only 7 of these were legal size. The biggest fish we landed was one I caught right near the boat ramp which was 32cm to the tip. Seemingly a decent fish for this system.

27750076_1564733200308955_7965042256170671523_nMax and Lachlan took a risk and went with a complete opposite approach, heading right up stream into less than half a meter of water. What they found would get all keen bream fishermen licking their lips. Fish up to 39.5cm in 50cm of water hitting lures that were sight casted at them. Max and Lachlan finished with a bag of 39.5, 37, 35 and 34 to the tip which absolutely smashed everyone else’s best effort. The boys took a risk and it absolutely paid off.

But regardless of results it was a great experience that all of us enjoyed. I liked getting to meet a few new people and put some faces to names. Myself and the other boys will definitely be keen to jump on board for the next social comp.

If this sounds up your ally become a member of the Facebook Group WA Tinny, Kayak and Shore anglers and keep an eye out for their next comp, I highly recommend it!

Curtis Waterman

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