Perth Mulloway Tips for Beginners!

Targeting the mysterious Perth Mulloway is certainly a challenge though the fish that can be caught are incredible. These fish are found throughout the Swan River as well as the surrounding beaches. Many come from both north and south moles all the way up to the Swan Valley region. My experiences with the legendary Mulloway have come from long nights spent on the banks,bridges and jetty’s of the river throwing lures and waiting with freshly baited rigs. Mulloway fishing in Perth comes down to bait, rig, gear, time and tide choice, so here’s my take on how to go about targeting them around Perth. Bait for Mulloway is extremely important, fresh or live baits are always the most effective for targeting these fish. Whilst a rotten muellie from the servo may pick up a Mulloway, collecting fresh baits from the area your fishing is a far more effective. When chasing Mullys, we usually set up a pool or crate with an aerator to keep our baits fresh and alive.  Some of the best baits include Tailor, Bony Herring, Herrng, Scallie Mackerel, Yellowtail, Trumpeter, Snook and Squid all of which make excellent cut or live baits.

IMG_2339Rigging up for Mulloway is simple, a running sinker down to two snelled hooks. We usually use a sliding clip on the mainline with a star or bean sinker depending where we are fishing. Below there is a swivel, running from this we have a metre of 30-60lb leader to our two snelled 4/0 to 6/0 gamakatsu octopus style hooks.

This rig is attached to our rod of choice. My favourite Mulloway fishing combo is Avet MXL overhead on a low mount surf rod around 13ft long. This makes casting easy and allows me to free-spool the bait once a fish has picked it up. Braided line between 20 and 50lb is ideal, although a wind on leader of similar strength makes landing the fish much easier and results in less tangles. Bait runner styled reels are also fantastic for Perth Mulloway fishing, and normal spin reels between 4000-14000 sizes on a 10-15kg rod.

When picking a time to go Mulloway hunting we use online websites to find the predicted time in which the tide changes. The incoming tide is ideal and it is usually when the tide is about to change that you will find Mulloway feeding. Tide changes between 7-10 o’clock at night are my personal favourites. The best tides for Mulloway in my records are during the two days before or after a new or full moon phase.

These factors put together have worked well for myself and others on Big metro Mulloway. If this summer is your first time targeting these fish in Perth, do not expect to get one on your first go. Whilst it may happen,catching one of these mythical fish takes long hours and a lot of effort. When the golden and silver glow of a Perth Mulloway pops up and is in your hands, the long hours will all be worth it!


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