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Fellow NextGen team mate, Brodie Copeland and I headed down to a social bream comp held on the swan river by WA Tinny, Kayak and Shore Anglers. Both being somewhat new to bream fishing with lures we were a little uncertain as to how we would go. I was put in a team with Brett Dowsett and Harry Tropiano, who had both done a fair bit of this type of fishing.image

After a good maccas feed and the briefing we headed to some down stream yacht clubs. The first spot has produced many big fish before although it was dead silent. I switched my un weighted bream prawn to a 2.5″ Z man Grub in the blood worm colour.

As we approached a new spot further down stream Harry and I were doubting it would hold fish. Although a few casts in my lure got smashed by a decent fish. A short fight and we had our first on the boat at 36cm, a new PB river bream on lure. This fished turned out to be the biggest for the comp!


Soon we stopped getting hits and moved on,  then moved again, and again with no more fish. It seemed others were having the same issue and our one fish gave us some confidence. After yet another move I hooked another bream around 30cm. The day went on with most anglers struggling to get fish and at the weigh in we realised we could have done alright. As it turns out our team came 3rd and my larger fish took out the biggest bream prize. These comps are run well and there was plenty of good prizes, we decided we would split what we got between the three of us. It was a great day and I met plenty of new people and learnt a lot. No matter your bream fishing skills get amongst them I say. For information on up coming social comps like this onejoin WA Tinny, Kayak and Shore Anglers on Facebook.

Nice pair from the river on a very tuff day.

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