Osp Bent Minnow 76f

Michael Parker with a stud of a canning river black bream. This 40+ model was taken on the osp bent minnow in pink head colour !

A lure I have found myself using a lot lately, especially for bream in the summer months, is the osp bent minnow. These lures are very unique in a way that they work completely different to any other form of surface lure. In fact, they can be fished sub surface or on the top. The reason I love these lures so much is that particularly with bream, being an extremely finicky fish, they offer a far more enticing presentation and trigger a surface bite due to how they work when under water. The way they function is after given a few ‘sweeps’ (like how people fish for GT’s with stick baits) yet on a more finesse level, the lure will snake through the water roughly 30cm down. This is what brings the fish in and attracts them to the lure, but the bite will actually come on the pause. As the lure is floating up and after it has been sitting on top the surface for sometimes up to several seconds. Places I like to fish bents is over weedy flats on the swan and canning, as well as on the edges of grass banks. If you’re interested in giving these lures a go, don’t hesitate to head into Compleat angler Nedlands and get some for yourself!!

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