1. Fully charge your batteries the day before a shoot.

2. If you are not going to use your camera for a prolonged period take the battery out as this will prolong its lifespan.

3. Format your memory card in camera after transferring the files from it.

4. Do not rename files which are still on your SD card as when you put the card back into the camera your camera will not be able to read these files and this could lead to a corrupt memory card.

5. Half press the shutter to autofocus, keep it pressed to lock your focus on the desired subject.

6. Some lenses have focus switches on them to change between auto & manual focus; if your camera/lens isn’t auto focusing the switch maybe on manual mode.

7. Use burst mode to capture action shots.

8. Use a UV filter to protect your lens

9. A polarising filter will reduce reflections and improve colour saturation.

10. Use a tripod for steady shots & better night shots


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