A Day in Jurien Bay

With the family deciding to go away while dad was off work we got to go up to Jurien Bay and with dad’s friend taking his boat we decided to take advantage and go out to try get some decent fish for dinner.

The first morning i got up and packed the rods into the boat and rigging them up for the days adventure. For my dad i just made him a simple paternoster rig with two 6/0 suicide hooks. I rigged my rod with 80g tekka jig in pink.

Heading out we soon relised it was a lot windier that what seabreeze predicted. We keep persisting though the rough conditions and getting wet on most waves we went over meant it wasn’t the most enjoyable of times.

Once we got out to our spot in 40m we pulled up threw the sea anchor out and started to drift over the spots we have marked down wind so we drifted over them.

It wasn’t long before my dad pulled up a nice legal snapper. He was very exited with his catch being the first legal snapper he has caught.


After my arms were getting sore from constantly jigging and my dad bragging about his one snapper, I finally hooked up and with a massive hit of the jig and my little 6000 getting smoked by what we thought was a very big dhufish. After it taking me all around the boat and just getting him off the bottom. It took one final run and then busted me off on the bottom. I was so devestated after all this time jigging. Dad and his friend telling me how bad I was didn’t help either!

After that we didnt get anything for a long time so we decided to come in and try some shallower ground and with in minutes dad got another snapper that was size 49.5cm but being perth fisherman we thought it had to be 50cm so we let it go! Not knowing it only had to be 41cm which we found out later that night!

Myself still with nothing and dad’s friend pulling up a sized dhufish. I become tired of jigging and with the last drop i was going to do before i went to soft plastics i got a small hit them hooked up. Not a moster but still a little fight lifting him into the boat being a really nice coloured dhufish.


It wasn’t a monster but still something nice to get after all the work i did.

After that we headed back in because the weather was getting worse and we didn’t want to get soaked coming back in.

Even thought we only got 1 day fishing it was still worth taking the boat out and was still a very fun time despite the conditions we fished in.




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