Abrohlos mackie

Hey guys so this mackie featured in my top 5 Abrolhos fish and still to this day is one of my favourite catches. The fish was caught on a scholl around half way back from the islands aboard Saltwater Charters with skipper Craig Warne. The fish wad caught on a 140mm Maria Loaded stickbaits being trolled behind the spread of Halco Lazerpros.IMG_0516

Lleyton Palmer

Hey guys, my name is Lleyton Palmer and i am a 16 year old keen fisherman and a team member in the Western Angler Next Gen Fishing team. I am based in Perth and do most of my fishing out of Woodmans point boat ramp. My most memorable catch was my 140cm Spanish Mackeral on 2-5kg light gear fishing in Denham Shark Bay.

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