Peel Fish Kill Raises Concerns

In the wake of a fish kill in the Peel system that went somewhat unnoticed by the authorities, it seems a repeat of the same issue on a grander scale has finally caused some action from the department of water and other relevant government departments16996131_1049100158524974_658337392736226133_n.

Local fisherman Steve Anderson reported alarming numbers of dead fish in the Murray system this year and NextGen member Curtis Waterman headed down there for a day with Steve to see for himself. What they found was no less than alarming with dead fish in numbers that Steve said were “nothing compared to last week”.

An estimated 30’000 fish have been reported dead in the Murray River over the past week with the department of water releasing this as a potential explanation.

“Recent rains washed organic matter into the river and disturbed sediment that contains very little oxygen. These two factors resulted in dissolved oxygen falling below levels fish could tolerate.”

A Recfishwest spokesperson said dead fish had been reported around the South Yunderup area, and downstream of Forrest Highway towards the river mouth, and has asked for ‘open, honest and timely’ information from the relevant government departments.


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