Peel Fish Kill

16806884_1049100205191636_1265254714023531014_nLocal fisherman Steve Anderson has reported alarming numbers of dead fish in the Peel region following the unseasonal heavy rains that the metro/southwest area has encountered of recent. Among these dead fish are 35-40+cm Bream which would make up the bulk of the breeding stocks for this species.

Ando took to Facebook to express his concerns:

“The authorities are telling everyone it was not much of a fish kill.
Here’s just a few shots of big breeding bream just down from the bunding near Pinjarra bridge.
That’s 30 ks up stream folks , some of these big bream are probably ones that restocked the system from the last big event around 30 years ago , they are no longer with us and it’s a safe bet many other plus crabs , whiting and many other species perished as the wall of sediments worked it’s way down stream .
Try as I may I simply cannot get anyone to acknowledge the extent of this kill.”


Perhaps another course of action regarding this situation needs to be taken.


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