Swan Fish 2017

This weekend is the upcoming Annual 2017 Swan Fish Competition! This Competition is for all ages and all different skill level anglers, and with thousands of dollars in prizes to be won why wouldn’t you enter! Entering is easy with online registration available as well as on the day. Registration fee’s can be found on the Swan Fish website listed below along with all of the rules, code of conduct, categories and prizes. Go on have a go!!!

Swamfish 2016

A few Quick tips to Remember:

  • Remember to Slip Slop Slap as it’s going to be really hot with the Bureau Of Meteorology forecasting a sizzling 39 degrees C.
  • Wear long light clothing to protect your skin from frying like Bacon.
  • Dehydration and Heat stroke can kill so make sure you have plenty of liquids ESPECIALLY FRESH WATER with you at all times.
  • When possible take a break in some shade reducing your risk of heat stroke.
  • Check updated weather forecast as it’s summer and things can change very quickly!
  • Safety first, never put your life in risk for a fish.
  • Fish in partners if possible for safety in case something was to go wrong.
  • Remember have a good time, enjoy the fishing and most definitely don’t spoil the event for other!!!

Well i think that’s enough from me for now but hopefully i will see you out on the water this weekend. To all the Competitors i wish you the best of luck and tight lines!

For more Information Visit http://www.swanfish.com.au/index.php


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