NEXT GEN FISHING’S Fishing Quiz Competition!

Congratulations to last winner Jack Randall

Test your fishing knowledge and WIN awesome prizes.

Every quarter, the Next GEN Fishing Team and Recfishwest are giving you the chance to WIN a Fisherman’s Safety Vest valued at $119 each, just by knowing your stuff !

The Crewfit Sport Safety Vest uses the latest technology to make it super buoyant, so you float higher in the water – in all sorts of conditions. It is lightweight, compact, robust and comfortable – and valued at $119.

Not a bad prize for 10 questions. Give it a crack –

HOOK LINE & Thinker

A recreational fishing license can be purchased online?

2. The bag limit for Roes Abalone in the West Coast Zone is:

3. Western Rock Lobsters have to have a minimum carapace length of:

4. The daily bag limit for The Blue Swimmer Crab is:

5. What is the legal size of a Bald Chin Groper?

6. How many members of the NextGen fishing team live in Kalbarri?

7. The Western Angler Magazine is published how many times per year? (Hint: Previous Articles)

8. Who writes the junior angler column for The Western Angler Magazine?

9. The C-Gar is a lure from which lure company?

10. The NextGen Fishing Team is made up of how many members?

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Terms & Conditions

1. The first entry drawn with all 10 answers correct will be deemed the winner.
2. Entrants must be aged under 18 and have parental and/or guardian consent to enter the Hook, Line and Thinker competition.
3. The next draw for the prize winner will be made on June 30th 2017 and then on the 31st of December 2017.
4. The prize winner will be notified by email and highlighted on the website for a period of one month until the next correct entry draw.
5. The Crewsaver Sport 165N Fisherman Vest is the prize donated by Recfishwest is not redeemable for cash and one size fits all.
6. Due to the nature of the prize no entrants outside of Australian borders will be considered.
7. will enter into no other correspondence in relation to this competition or prize disputes.
* All questions are relevant to current WA fisheries rules and regulations as of February 2016.