First fish on the new Max 110!

On a recent NextGen trip north of Perth, the boys and myself received some of the new Halco Max 110 lures to use. After previous success on the larger Max lures I was keen on trying the new smaller profile. After running Parko the Wizard back to shore Russel Waterman and I headed back out and burleyed up in the hope of bagging some dermersals. The hours went buy with only a few small Baldchin Groper, Dhufish and just legal sized snapper.After  contacting the other boats we decided to head back, they had also struggled to land big fish that day. Flying along in glassed-off conditions Russel imagesuggested we should flick lures around some shallow reefs he knew of, giving me a chance to jig the imagenew Max 110. Rigging up on my Biomaster 5000 and zerek light jerker with 30lb braid I dropped my Stripey Max 110 onto a very shallow patch of reef in around 7 metres of water. The lure hit the bottom before I started a quick retrieve to the top, instantly a pack of Samson fish chased the lure, I dropped down again and retrieved, half way up we saw one of the Sambos nail the little Max before screaming off. Slightly nervous about my lack of line Russel jumped on the wheel and followed down the fish, keeping the line out of the reef and preventing me from getting spooled on the light gear. Gradually the fish tired out and came up next to the boat, allowing me to tail it in. Was a nice coloured fish which made the day, and was especially cool to watch in the crystal clear water.


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