Down South Sambos

Growing up fishing the South west predominantly around Yallingup and Dunsborough I’ve landed and lost Samson Fish since I can remember and have become one of my favourite fish to catch, their poor eating qualities are made up for tackle-busting fights and there aggression to hit lures rivals that of BIG trevally in the North.

The school holidays gave Michael and I some time to head down to Duns, with a five metre dinghy andimage 80HP Honda in tow we had a great opportunity to get out further to some reef patches which I hadn’t fished in a long time. First day down Michael and I bagged out on squid before the wind came in, imagegiving us plenty of hoods for dinner and a bucket full of A-grade burley. The reefs I had in mind previously produced Yellowtail Kings, Sambos to well over 40kg, big Pink Snapper and the odd Dhuie at times for my family and I.

Waking up the next day we headed out cubing muellies and squid straight away caught the attention of a nearby school, a mixture of Sambos from 4kg to 40kg with some Kings in amongst them. Instantly
we were hooking into fish landing Sambo after Sambo in everything, with most of the fish falling to the 8″ Madeye Flick Sticks in the new Ice Cold colour. Fish came over the side consistently with both image
Michael and I being both hooked up at the same time. The large reef lumps in the area made for plenty of un-stoppable fish even on our heavy gear. After catching loads of Sambos we tried to mix things up, I threw a heap of frozen muellies over letting them float on the surface and sure enough the fish were willing to eat baits right on the surface. We switched over our jigs and plastics to poppers and stickbaits and had sambos rising at the lures most casts. Up sizing the stickbaits, we fired them up and soon Michael was hooked onto his first Sambo on a surface lure, not a monster but stil made some great action.image

The following day the weather was good and we headed out to the same area although the schools of smaller fish couldn’t be found, except the reef was loaded with monsters, even kings that would have been well over a metre. These larger fish were wise and wouldn’t fall as easy to jigs and plastics, and when they did it was straight for the reef. Gradually upgrading the gear I rigged up one of the biggest combos I had tightening the drag on the Saragossa 25000 as tight as I could. 150-200lb windon leaders and big circle hooks I use for sharks. Dropping whole squid and live King wrasse instantly got nailed and had fish circling the boat. One of us fishing at a time and driving off the spots was our solution with a big gimble belt on. Despite using as much pressure as we could it  image
still would stop them and we only managed a couple fish around a metre in length.

Despite a majority getting the better of us on this occasion targeting down south Sambos is awesome.


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