Dhu even fish?

Just a couple days out from Christmas my uncle and I had the job of supplying fish for a family dinner, days prior had stocked a sturdy supply of west Australian Dhufish fillets and we set out again to some of the coral caves off Dunsborough. Rigging up big fresh baits we dropped reversing directly over a massive underwater cave which is full of Dhufish and other demersals. Dropping down I stepped back to look at the sounder and ended up reversing straight over my line, not a good start! A while spent untangling my braid from the propeller my uncle turned to me saying “Dhu even fish?”. After freeing the mess of braid I did a back-to-back Uni knot in my braid and we went back to drift over the spot. Cautious not to catch another hard fighting outboard I let the line down, about five metres off the bottom my line stopped, before moving off slowly, a large Dhuie sitting off the cave had taken my bait on the way down. I tightened up and set the hooks into a freight train of a fish which headed straight for the reef, locking up my drag I turned the fishes head and had it coming up. It made three big runs before surfacing way out from the boat, at first glance the fish appeared around 13-15kg although when it came over the side it became apparent that it could be over the prestigious 20kg mark. Extra loud celebrations on board could have just about been heard from another planet! The fish was blead and put on ice, the fish was enough for the day and we headed home to weigh the giant. My uncles dodgy set of scales first said 21kg although he wouldn’t let me claim it as “the scales are dodgy” so headed to a mates place to properly weigh it. 19.5kg it read, a monster dhuie and a new PB for me, one that still hasn’t been broken to date!


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