Change It Up?

A day out of Bunbury with my mate Ryan in his boat the other day taught us both a very valuable lesson. There is a fine line between switching up when something is not working, and persevering until you reach success.

I think a huge part of fishing and sometimes the difference between catching and not catching is how good you are at making those calls.

If you’ve been flogging the same jig over and over all day, perhaps it is time to change to another? Perhaps a different colour or a jig with a different action? Maybe even throw on a soft plastic.


Do you push through and keep persevering hoping that eventually your lure will drift past the right fishes nose and you will get the success.

It is a very fine line.

Ryan and I had both been jigging away for hours. His powerful sounder told us that there were plenty of fish and bait on the bottom, what would usually result in a few good fish, but they hadn’t come yet. We’d had a few hits or enquiries but nothing to write home about.

I decided it was time to mix things up, and Ryan decided he was going to persevere with his jig. I dropped down a small bait and instantly caught a little wrasse. I made sure the wrasse’ life was ended humanely and I then cut him up into two nice strip baits. Out came the PE6 bottom gear and a paternoster rig… old school style.

A strip of wrasse on each hook was sent to the bottom and within minutes BOOM my rod was buckled. Up came a JUST size Dhuie to which we thought we better do the right thing and send him back to get a little bit bigger. Good karma. Next drift a fresh wrasse went on and it was smashed again, this time the reel started singing and the fish was still fighting about half way up. It must be a better fish, and that it was. 


A solid 7kg Dhuie ended up on the deck of the boat and we were stoked to have hit the board. 

The change up has won… or has it?

Having seen how popular the little red wrasse was, Ryan decided to throw on a similar coloured jig. One more drift and his reel was screaming! Ryan fought the dhuie like fish for about ten seconds before the fish proved too big and he was drilled into the reef!

At the end of the day it was switching to bait that put a fish in the bucket and who knows what was on the end of Ryan’s jig? We walked the fine line and came home with a fish!

Sometimes it’s all about knowing when to switch it up, sometimes its all about knowing when to push through… sometimes it’s what ever you’re lucky enough to so! But hey, that’s just fishing 😉

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