Metro Giant Herring

[caption id="attachment_6812" align="alignright" width="300"] Curtis Waterman with a Metro Giant Herring[/caption] Ghosts of the Swan... The water has heated up and so has the fishing! With the warm weather and warm water comes the opportunity…



FishPorn of the week! How incredible is the ocean? Here's a pic from photographer Jakob Owens. Wouldn't you love to throw a fly or lure in there! 100% FishPorn!


Getaway with Shimano!

Hey guys todays article is about one of our sponsors, Getaway Outdoors and the new Shimano gear they have in stock that I think is a must have for every keen angler out there. The…



Curtis Waterman and Luke Ryan from Bluewater Myaree hit the Perth FADs up in early Feb, watch some of the action below.   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttNQRMOZX54&w=560&h=315]


Fishing Taboo

There are some things in fishing that we simply just do not talk about. I spend a lot of my time talking about fishing, writing about fishing and simply thinking about fishing. That is of…


BREAKING: Crab Health Warning

More than 50 blue swimmer crabs in Bunbury’s Outer Harbour have been found with a shell disease, prompting the Department of Fisheries to issue a warning to the community. Policy and Strategic Services director Nathan…


Geraldton Shark World Record

A 3.85 metre greater hammerhead shark caught and released off a Geraldton beach last weekend is believed to be an unofficial world record Perth fishermen Jamie Dennis and Mitchell Palmer caught and released the shark…

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Crabbing Crackdown

Fisheries Minister Joe Francis has urged crab fishers to do the right thing when Mandurah's blue swimmer crab fisheries reopen tomorrow after the seasonal closure. "With the season opening tomorrow, recreational fishers can play their…