Busselton squiding memories

Throughout my fishing life, I have caught many Cephalopods, from the waters of Coral Bay all the way to Albany. My best memories of catching squid have come from the Busselton jetty. Much like everyone who has spent time in the Busselton area, I use to fish the jetty a lot in search of squid.

“We are ‘gonna’ need a bigger bucket!”

One day around 4 years ago was particularly memorable when my brother Charlie and I decided to head along the jetty. Wondering along the near 2km of jetty we stopped off at a likely looking spot away from everyone else and started casting. At the time we were using old Rovex air strike combos and bargain bin jigs which we would get for about $2 each. First cast and Charlie was on! We were both thinking it was a cuttlefish, due to it peeling drag much quicker than any squid we had encountered before. A long fight for a squid and it was near the surface,we both looked down at the enourmous squid unsure of what to do next. Sitting there for a while wondering what to do, we walked it to a ladder so that I could climb down and grab it. “WHAT THE HECK!!” I said as I grabbed it behind the head, before bringing it back to the top of the ladder. The squid was huge with a hood length over 40cm, and over a metre with all the tentacles stretched out.

The next cast and Charlie was on again to yet another huge squid of similar size. The squid kept coming in as we repeatedly cast out our cheap jigs. After bagging out on squid, we left with a tub full of Krackens! Since that day we have landed squid of equal size, although none more memorable than that day spent on the jetty.

Despite loving all the latest egi gear, days like this go to prove expensive gear isn’t always necessary to get a feed of squid. We would all like to have twenty dollar jigs, and expensive spinning combos, but the reality is squid can be caught on nothing more than a cheap jig and a hand-line! This is why the squid is a highly sort after species among recreational anglers off all ages.


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