4 Skippy, 1 Fox Fish

It started as on of those days.The wind was non existent as we made our way out of the the marina at Woodman point, me and mate looked at each other and thought to ourselves,that today was going to be the day. We were going to clean up!!!

As the picture (herewith shows)conditions were just absolutely perfect.

We were targeting an area that had apparently been holding a few fish and when we arrived the sounder lit up.

What were those fish? Big pinkies? Big sambos ?

As it happened it was one of those days where we couldn’t quite hold the anchor right on top of the fish because there was no real wind to gauge our anchor hang,so we decided just to take pot luck as we knew we were in the right area.

First drop bang! We were on .A good solid fish started to peel line and we both looked at each other thinking again today was the day, it was a thumper skippy of about 40 cm,not a bad start we thought to ourselves.

Next drop bang, next drop again we were on 4 thumpers in 4 drops,a real good start to the day.

Then without any notice things just shutdown,the fish were simply not hungry anymore.

But after 15 minutes of fishing we had 4 big skipjacks and 1 solid Foxfish.

We then decided enough was enough. We headed home and we were very happy.



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